Welcome to my updated website (launched October 30, 2013).

Since 2007, I’ve been very busy creating art and have not been paying much attention to my web presence.

During that time, a lot of exciting things have happened here at the studio, numerous Public Art commissions, some fantastic private commissions, new tools and machinery and lots and lots of testing and experimentation.

My primary goal for this website is to convey the depth of technique and technology that goes into my work and to share some of my passion for what I do.

I am primarily self-taught with a technical background in software engineering, intelligent systems and ultra-high efficiency energy systems. In 2007 I abandoned the corporate world and dove full-time into creating art – click here to learn why.

I am very process orientated and continually experiment, pushing the limits of my mediums, inventing, developing and refining the processes that allow me to create my works. In the PROCESS section of this website I will share some of what I have learned and attempt to provide a glimpse of the insane level of thought, engineering and detail I put into my work.


Douglas Lochner