Cover of Ventana Magazine, August 2015


I’m honored to be the featured artist in the August 2015 issue of Ventana Magazine.

This is their “ARTS ISSUE” which contains interviews and articles on several artists. I was fortunate to be included and lucky enough to make the cover. Ryan Smith wrote the article and staff photographer Rudy Loupias visited the studio and took some wonderful images.

My feature is here
Editor’s note, also about me is here
You can view the entire issue here

Ventana is an interesting publication, a monthly magazine that attempts to profile and celebrate the diversity and community that is Ventura County, California. As editor Matt Katz so elegantly states: “After nearly a decade of publication, Ventana has become one of the myriad threads that combine to create our local fiber”.
Ventura certainly has a lot to offer and Ventana is a great way to discover some of its wonders.