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Rise Up

Rise Up Series: Fine Art Medium: Burled wood, cast glass, aluminum Dimensions: 18" x 7" x 18" Date: 2021 Exhibit: "Finding Light", Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA This sculpture, for the "Finding Light" exhibit, is based on a passage from Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem "The hill we climb". The artist created his own narrative for the work, but rather than present that, he invites viewers to create their own narrative, based on their unique perspective and interpretation. The installation features and interactive form that allows each viewer to leave a comment in their own voice using a QR

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Tiny Libraries on State

Tiny Libraries on State Series: Public art Medium: Powdercoated steel Dimensions: approx 6 feet tall Date: 2019 Commission: Santa Barbara Arts Commission Location: State Street, Santa Barbara, CA An installation of six thematic brightly colored and playful sculptured bookcases for Santa Barbara's "Tiny Libraries" program. This unique project designed to mix public art and public libraries was coordinated by the Santa Barbara County office of Arts and Culture. The six “Tiny Library” sculptures were installed as a temporary exhibit in downtown Santa Barbara on State Street from Victoria, to Canon Perdido Streets, in the fall of 2019.

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Ojai Museum Gates

Ojai Museum Gates Series: Public Art Medium: Hand-forged iron and stainless steel Dimensions: 10' x 12' x 4" Date: 2018 Collection: Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA Hand forged iron gates enhance this historic building in Ojai, California. This project offered numerous challenges. The gates had to comply with the regulations of the National Historic Registry as well a address the fragility and lack of support of the adjacent adobe walls, all while providing visual clues that this was a special place. To address the fragility of the adobe walls and the requirement they not

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Egg Ethos

Egg Ethos Series: Fine art Medium: Composite board, LED lighting Dimensions: 48" x 32" x 32" Date: 2019 Commission: Available Location: Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai, CA Egg sculpture with kinetic (color changing) LED lighting. This sculpture was created for the 2019 Easter Egg sculpture Exhibit at the Ojai Valley Inn and has been purchased by a private collector. Studio Photos by: Christopher Zsarnay / Z Studios

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i am

i am Series: Fine art Medium: Foil on canvas Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 1" Date: 2017 Commission: Available Location: Ojai, CA The first in a series of new works exploring ego and identify in the postmodern world. This sculpture was first shown in a group show at the Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts Studio Photos by: Christopher Zsarnay / Z Studios

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