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Rise Up

Rise Up Series: Fine Art Medium: Burled wood, cast glass, aluminum Dimensions: 18" x 7" x 18" Date: 2021 Exhibit: "Finding Light", Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA This sculpture, for the "Finding Light" exhibit, is based on a passage from Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem "The hill we climb". The artist created his own narrative for the work, but rather than present that, he invites viewers to create their own narrative, based on their unique perspective and interpretation. The installation features and interactive form that allows each viewer to leave a comment in their own voice using a QR

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Tattered Series: Fine Art Medium: Canvas, mixed media, hand-forged barbed wire Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 3" Date: 2020 Exhibit: "Insight-2020", Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA The United States' political and social structure is in tatters due to racial inequality, political upheaval, greed, ego and corruption. Families ripped apart, children in cages, communities in crisis and a stymied and ineffective government, all against the background of a world-wide pandemic and a planet on the verge of a climate catastrophe. Instead of working together to solve these problems, the level of discourse is toxic, understanding and compromise have been

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Iron Will

Iron Will Series: Fine Art Medium: Hard forged steel, bound volumes, wood and paper Dimensions: 2' x 3' Date: 2020 Exhibit: "Mending the Divide", Ventura County Museum, Ventura, CA This sculpture, for the "Mending the Divide" exhibit, is a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy every day are the results of the mending together of ideals and action. Ideas alone will not set us free and action alone, without ideals, leads to inequality. Real progress requires an understanding of what has gone before, coupled with vision, creativity and hard work. In today's toxic political culture, it is even

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Egg Ethos

Egg Ethos Series: Fine art Medium: Composite board, LED lighting Dimensions: 48" x 32" x 32" Date: 2019 Commission: Available Location: Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai, CA Egg sculpture with kinetic (color changing) LED lighting. This sculpture was created for the 2019 Easter Egg sculpture Exhibit at the Ojai Valley Inn and has been purchased by a private collector. Studio Photos by: Christopher Zsarnay / Z Studios

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digital paintings

playing with gravity Series: Fine art Medium: digital imaging Dimensions: unlimited Date: 2017 Commission: Available Location: Ojai, CA This is a sampling of a few images from a new series I am developing by writing computer code to render particles influenced by gravity. Each image shows the affect of the gravity of various numbers of objects on 100,000 particles flying through a 3-dimensional space. The code calculates a variety of factors to determine the orbits of each particle, including its mass, speed, direction and distance from other particles and objects, taking into account their mass, speed and