Project Description

Rise Up
Series: Fine Art
Medium: Burled wood, cast glass, aluminum
Dimensions: 18″ x 7″ x 18″
Date: 2021
Exhibit: “Finding Light”, Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA

This sculpture, for the “Finding Light” exhibit, is based on a passage from Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem “The hill we climb”.

The artist created his own narrative for the work, but rather than present that, he invites viewers to create their own narrative, based on their unique perspective and interpretation. The installation features and interactive form that allows each viewer to leave a comment in their own voice using a QR code and their cell phone. These will be shared once the exhibit has begun.

The sculpture consists of a hand-carved wood burl bonded to a cast glass base, with a sculpted abstract figure of aluminum and blown glass.