Project Description

Ojai Museum Gates
Series: Public Art
Medium: Hand-forged iron and stainless steel
Dimensions: 10′ x 12′ x 4″
Date: 2018
Collection: Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA

Hand forged iron gates enhance this historic building in Ojai, California.

This project offered numerous challenges. The gates had to comply with the regulations of the National Historic Registry as well a address the fragility and lack of support of the adjacent adobe walls, all while providing visual clues that this was a special place.

To address the fragility of the adobe walls and the requirement they not be touched, I engineered and fabricated a custom arch system that, combined with a sub-surface grade beam, provides an extremely robust support structure for the gates.

All the gate’s elements are hand-forged solid steel, the flowers and leaves are stainless steel, selected for both its low maintenance requirements and to give a modern nod to the classic design.

The curved rails of the gate reflect the “river” design of the carved museum doors, while the scroll work and other components pickup architectural cues for the historic building.

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