I created Geo in 2012 for the “American Glass Works” exhibit at the Ojai Museum, honoring the 50th anniversary of the Studio Art Glass Movement in America.

I wanted to create something unique, that  illustrated my current style and relationship with glass. Geo combines cast glass “bubble” bars with hand forged stainless steel, copper, a lovely patina and (invisible) low voltage LED illumination.

The stainless rails were hand forged and then polished to a matt luster. The sculpture’s body is steel with a proprietary copper/bronze patina I developed. The body is held in-place by a series of forged and blackened stainless steel clamps. The glass “bubble bars” were cast in such a way as to capture thousands of small bubbles which are edge-lit by invisible LEDs – glistening like a galaxy of stars.

The overall piece is just over 5 feet tall and floats a few inches off the wall via an invisible single fastener mounting system.

This sculpture presents several signature elements of my work including integrated invisible illumination (meaning you do not see the light source), forged stainless steel and of course bubbles! I am obsessed with bubbles. I’ve spent thousands of hours gaining a mastery of placing and controlling bubbles in glass. To me they add life to glass. They have wonderful optical properties and respond fabulously to edge lighting.