I’d like to thank Donna Granata and the staff and crew at Focus On The Masters for selecting me as one of their 2015 Featured Artists. I’m honored and humbled to be included in the FOTM Archive and to have so many people interested in my work.

I found the documentation process, though time consuming, very insightful. It uncovered and illuminated trends and threads in my life and career that I had not noticed, and for that bit of insight I am extremely grateful.

The “Spotlight” interview was filmed live at Brooks Institute. Attendees were treated to a historic overview of the artist and a Q&A led by Donna Granata with a special added bonus of a live preview of some new prototype interactive works including a puppet that mimics the viewer’s movements.

I hope everyone who attended the “spotlight” enjoyed our brief time together as much as I did.

Here is the Focus On The Masters Announcement:

Ojai sculptor Douglas Lochner thus describes in true minimalist fashion the work he creates from metal, stone, wood, ceramics and, especially, glass. In his hands, the inert materials come alive as in the series Trinity, on exhibit recently at the Ojai Valley Museum, where red glass flows over and is suspended from a forged iron hanger in such a way that a breeze creates delicate motion.On a much larger scale, Douglas has been selected to create a major sculpture, Wings of Honor, for the Santa Barbara Airport.Lochner’s career path has taken him from photography to advertising to electronics and software. He now focuses his energy and talent on fine art and has found a wide audience for both public art installations and private commissions.In 2014 his expertise in software combined with creative genius made possible “Stream,” a real time, fully interactive intelligent sculpture that must be seen to be believed.In all of his various pursuits, passion for his work and a desire to push material limits create works that evidence mastery of industrial materials with an artistic sensibility.You won’t want to miss this Artist Spotlight interview when Donna Granata will explore the many artistic talents of Doug Lochner.For more information visit www.ArtThatWorks.com