About DL

Douglas Lochner is a sculptor specializing in site-specific art. He works primarily in forged glass and metal


I created Geo in 2012 for the "American Glass Works" exhibit at the Ojai Museum, honoring the 50th anniversary of the Studio Art Glass Movement in America. I wanted to create something unique, that  illustrated my current style and relationship with glass. Geo combines cast glass "bubble" bars with hand forged stainless steel, copper, a lovely patina and (invisible) low voltage LED illumination. The stainless rails were hand forged and then polished to a matt luster. The sculpture's body is steel with a proprietary copper/bronze patina I developed. The body is held in-place by a series of forged and blackened

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Welcome to my updated website (launched October 30, 2013). Since 2007, I've been very busy creating art and have not been paying much attention to my web presence. During that time, a lot of exciting things have happened here at the studio, numerous Public Art commissions, some fantastic private commissions, new tools and machinery and lots and lots of testing and experimentation. My primary goal for this website is to convey the depth of technique and technology that goes into my work and to share some of my passion for what I do. I am primarily self-taught with a technical

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