playing with gravity
Series: Fine art
Medium: digital imaging
Dimensions: unlimited
Date: 2017
Commission: Available
Location: Ojai, CA
This is a sampling of a few images from a new series I am developing by writing computer code to render particles influenced by gravity.
Each image shows the affect of the gravity of various numbers of objects on 100,000 particles flying through a 3-dimensional space. The code calculates a variety of factors to determine the orbits of each particle, including its mass, speed, direction and distance from other particles and objects, taking into account their mass, speed and direction.

These images have been scaled down for display on the web and unfortunately the finer details are lost here – it is better to see these in person.
The code was written in Processing, running on a Windows based Intel i7 workstation, using a Nvidia GPU and OpenGL for rendering. Each image is the result of millions of calculations, which render in real-time.

The video gives a glimpse of the evolution of the software. As I continue to refine the code, I see lots of possibilities of incorporating this with my other interactive work… Stay tuned for more.